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Marc G Doutherd Artist
About the Artist Marc G Doutherd
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Marc G Doutherd
Tucson , Arizona - United States
Oil Painting - Other/Misc.

Marc was born in Los Angeles, California. Although he has had no formal educational in the Arts, he has always been able to render images,sculpt,and in addition, Marc plays most musical instruments with professional skill.

According to Marc, “Love is the overriding force behind my work and it is that force or power that drives me to create”. The philosophy behind his art is “Freedom”… the freedom to expand artistically… the freedom to experiment with new forms of art and new methods.

Marc is a constant participant in numerous exhibitions, art walks, gallery shows, underground art events, plays and theatre backdrop construction, and musical productions. Marc Doutherd is a modern day renaissance artist. A master of all visual artforms. Marc started creating images on outside surfaces at the age of 5,using charcol on concrete. his Mother Ethiopian(from the line of Haile Selassie),Josephine,was an artist and Classical Pianist. His Father, Seminole Indian(Owassissas Clan),(Of the earth)...
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Baby - oil/canvas

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