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Tamika Newell
what advice
hi what advice can been given to those like myself trying to get cliental and build attraction to my art work in the art pho community
ZbOROVAN Painter
Private Detective, Nick Zbanek has been hired to unravel the mystery of the 7 daggers. Unbeknownst to our intrepid hero, the horrors of The Zmolek Curse...
ZbOROVAN Painter
THE ZMOLEK CURSE: It all began on the Ides of March in 1913: Every fine art collector in possession of Miklos Damek Zmolek's renderings have committed...
Calistru Cristian
Crsti Calistru - Romanian Photogrph Artist
Paola Romana


Recent Comments

Karen Gavel
2016-08-22 15:33:30
Think your work is awesome stuff and would love to see more of it.
Tamika Newell
2016-08-15 04:39:05
wow who is this character , nice job on the wide open mouth drawn monster I can easily see this art work in a cartoons , thank you for your vision...
Tamika Newell
2016-08-15 04:36:41
nice I love your sun rises and just beautiful flowers o can almost smell the flowers and fill the warmth of the sunrises , your photo art is full of...
Tamika Newell
2016-08-15 04:34:22
nice this stimulate the imagination I enjoy both images thanks for sharing your gift
Tamika Newell
2016-08-15 04:31:18
love this photo ,When I star at this photo I feel like im walking threw the field heading down the road close to the tree , thank you for sharing your...
Tamika Newell
2016-08-15 04:28:56
whose this character I see before my eyes, she's beautiful , I wonder who inspire you to create such a pretty woman Great Job on your art work , I...
Tamika Newell
2016-08-15 04:24:17
how strong and ful of life is this panting good job on attention to detail, thank you for sharing your gift with us
Tamika Newell
2016-08-13 06:33:50
live your life and image in the beauty that's in you and all around you
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Tamika Newell
Camden, New Jersey - United States
Joined on
2016-08-13 05:26:05
Karen Gavel
Sumner, Washington - United States
Joined on
2016-08-08 05:05:40
Manije Akhavan
Tehran, ---------- - Iran
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2016-07-29 06:32:47
Terence Lambert
Huddersfield, ---------- - United Kingdom
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2016-07-20 20:09:24
HYDERABAD, ---------- - India
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2016-07-17 21:09:19
Ken Clark
Christchurch, ---------- - New Zealand
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2016-07-17 13:46:23
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Rome, ---------- - Italy
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2016-07-15 12:53:43

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Diana Manning - Argenta, IL
I put my site on here tonight early, and honestly, within 20 minutes, a lady called about buying some of my art for a new store she's opening! How cool is that!? Thank you!
Donn Kay - Tomball, TX
I added my information to ArtistSites today. Just wanted to let you know it was the simplest and slickest proceedure of any of the sites I have applied to. The resulting page appeared quickly and is the best of any site where my information appears.
Tricia Brett - Smithfield, VA
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your site! I had a little trouble setting up my page at first (my fault); but after I learned how, I was surprised at how easy it was! I LOVE it!
Vicki Stevens - Roy, UT
This is a great site and the first for me. Thank you for this free Artist site and the ability to show my art.


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